Pipe Vacuum Electric Furnace

Transience maximum temperature:1700

Working temperature:1650

Final vacuum: 5Pa

Heating element: imported 1800 type molybdenum disilicide heating elements (u type)

Furnace lining: zirconia fiberboard or imported alumina fiber board

Regular tube size: ø outer 80mm / ø inner 74mm, total length 1000m (high purity 

                                  corundum tube) or customized special size.

Length of heating segments: 400mm

Control instrument: LCD PID intelligent temperature control instrument, with 100          

                                    independent programmable section limits to protec heating element;                                     automatic operation free of manual surveillance; with over

                                    temperature and disconnect warning alert; optional automatic 

                                    record module with 480M RAM, which can record over 1000                  

                                    operations’ accurate temperature data (to 0.1 ), and such data can 

                                    be derived to USB  flash disk.

Temperature control accuracy: ≤±0.5

Thermometry: B type double platinum and rhodium thermocouple

Rated power: 5kw

Case material: steel with plastic spraying

Working voltage: 220v/one phase

Free components: mechanical fuel pump, rubber horses, heat resistant gloves, furnace hook, allen wrench, spare molybdenum disilicide heating elements

Cabinet Electric Furnace


Cabinet furnace is widely applied by research institution, university, mechanical or mining enterprise, and laboratory to deal with ceramic sintering, crystal growth, metal smelting, chemical analysis, samples’ heat treatment and so on.


High temperature – working temperature up to 1800(max 2200 ), Swedish kanthal super 1900

                                    Molybdenum Disilicide heating elements and zirconia refractory lining

High efficiency – heat up to 1800  in 1 hour, non intervention drop below 200 within 6 hours (or 

                               controllable by programming cooling)

Low energy consumption – 6L furnace just require 2-3kw power consumption for heating up, about 

                                                  1kw for thermal preservation.

Compact size – furnace body integrated with control system, stainless steel body case (or steel with 

                             plastic spraying is optional).

Light weight – 6L model weighs 100kg, only one-sixth of a traditional furnace

User friendly operation -100 independent programmable section limits to protect heating element, 

                                            integrated door design without anti-fire bricks, handle treatment products