Energy Saving Industrial Furnace Series                                                                     

Super high temperature energy saving industrial furnace is new developed series products which applied with new design concept. They are convenient to operate, long last running, and there a outstanding properties is efficient energy saving, compare to existing products, you will find power consumption reduce 60% or more.


Zirconia Ceramic Blade and Knife

Zirconia ceramic blade is made of the latest nanomaterial zirconia, thus possesses good properties of high hardness, high density, better temperature resistance, magnetic resistance and anti-oxidation. 

Zirconia Fibers                     


Zirconia fibers are yttria stabilized polycrystalline fibers and the only refractory fiber material which satisfies long-term using under super-high temperature oxidizing atmosphere environments over 1800℃.​​​​​​​​ ​​​

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