Large Wheel-Base Metal Heat-Treatment Electric Furnace

Main Technical Parameters

Furnace type: wheel-base type electric resistance furnace

Load mode: electric chain-block lift gate, motorization convey line

Work space: maximum 6.5*6.5*2.5 m (length*width *height)

Handle capacity: 100t maximum

Rated temperature: 1100maximum

Uniformity of furnace temperature: 5

Heating method: electricity

Heating surface: five areas in total, four wallsides and one trolley area 

Heating element: high temperature resistor (can be replaced by fiber heating blocks) fixed on side wall by ceramic nail.

Operating voltage: 380V/three phases /50HZ

Temperature control instrument: 10 groups of 30 segments programming with independent voltage limitation and every passage can work

                                                            cooperatively or separately, PID intelligent temperature control instrument with color touch screen.

Temperature control accuracy : ≤±1

Output control device: silicon module power adjustment device, alarm function for over temperature or overload.

Surface temperature of furnace body:45

Insulation material of chamber:  top: high purity aluminum silicate ceramic fiber high-voltage Module and backing

                                                          side wall: fiber module or fiber board; 

                                                          trolley: light and heavy  refractory bricks combination

Furnace cell material: steel with plastic spraying, partial surface coated with refractory and corrosion resistance paint.